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Nothing could have prepared us, our booked couples and couples planning on getting engaged, our produce suppliers, the venues and the wedding suppliers we work alongside for what happened in ’20 and ’21. It has been a tough time, and we want to thank everyone who stuck by us, and after delivering their delayed event then sent thank yous. It has meant so much to the team and us.

So, this is less of a blog and more of a THANK YOU.

Thank you to everyone who bought Touchays Boxed for gifts and sent us such fantastic feedback, and thanks.

Thank you to venues for helping us to accommodate couples by changing their wedding dates.

Thank you to our suppliers for fulfilling our orders or finding alternative ingredients in what continues to be challenging times.

Thank you to the wedding suppliers who, like us, have struggled to find stock and who have had to bear the burden of additional price increases that they have not passed on to our couples.

Thank you to our loyal team for returning to us after furlough (we missed you), something we are so grateful for and proud to work alongside you.
Thank you to the recently engaged couples who have had to wait for quotes and who have had to move their bookings to a year later to secure us.

But, finally, our most enormous thank you must go to ALL OUR BOOKED COUPLES who anxiously rescheduled their wedding dates, not once, but twice, or perhaps even three or even four times, but who never lost the faith. Then after we have finally delivered their weddings, thank you to the couples who have taken more time out to thank us for ‘making their dream come true’. The pleasure really was all ours, love team Touchays xxxxx
Here are a few just thank you quotes to give you an idea of how overwhelming it’s been for us.


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With thanks to the amazing photographers who capture our dishes so beautifully

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Fleur Challis Food Photography

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With thanks to team E-Lope Kent and The Castle Westenhanger

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